About Cannabis.org.au

Our Mission

Our mission is to advance the responsible and evidence-based use of cannabis for the benefit of all Australians, by providing policy recommendations and guidance that support safe, equitable, and sustainable access to cannabis for medical, therapeutic, and personal use.

A Cannabis Think Tank

The Cannabis.org.au is established as a national apolitical cannabis umbrella organisation to develop a forward strategic plan for all aspects of the Industry. This will include a Think Tank with Special Interest Sub-committees that will invite oral and written submissions from any interested parties.

Unifying Cannabis

Our think tank will cultivate a large following of interested persons who would like to monitor that state of the cannabis industry, particularly in Australia. We will thus nurture a community of those interested in cannabis so that they are easily able to find what they need in terms of education, access, or any other cannabis relevant service. 

All Encompassing Approach

We are committed to working collaboratively with stakeholders from all sectors, including patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, industry representatives, and policymakers and the general public to promote a transparent and inclusive approach to cannabis policy development.